St. Joseph Parish

Address: 371 E. Main Street Middletown, DE 19709
Phone: 302-378-5800 / Fax: 302-378-5808

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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The purpose of the St. Joseph Parish Pastoral Council is

  1. To discern, with the authorization of the pastor, a set of pastoral goals for the parish. These are to be continuously developed and evaluated after a sufficient period of research, reflection, discussion and prayer;
  2. To evaluate existing programs and policies for their pastoral effectiveness on an as-needed basis;
  3. To form community within itself as a sign and witness of unity for the larger parish community;
  4. To promote communication and understanding among parish organizations and between the parish, the diocese, and the universal church;
  5. To advise and council the pastor on other pastoral matters which he brings to the Council. These matters should include major parish undertakings, e.g. inaugurating a new office of ministry in the parish, the hiring of an additional staff person, a building project, fund drive, major renovation;
  6. To review the annual budget submitted by the Parish Finance Council and to make recommendations to the pastor whose responsibility it is to approve the budget.

The Council is composed of the following members:

  1. Ex officio members:
    1. The Pastor
    2. The Associate Pastor
    3. One Permanent Deacon
  2. Elected members:
    1. Twelve lay members- 3 year terms; 4 elected each year in May by parishioners
  3. Appointed:
    1. At most 4 lay persons- 1 year terms

The Council meets on the second Tuesday of each month from September through June. Meetings take place at the St. Joseph Office/Religious Education Complex in Middletown except in October and March when the Council meets at St. Rose Hall in Chesapeake City. Meetings are opened to registered parishioners. Please submit any comments to or questions for the Councils to St. Joseph’s parish office in an envelope or email marked: “Attention: Parish Pastoral Council Executive Board.” Please include your name and address so that we can contact you with an answer.

Pastoral Minutes

January Minutes-2019

Feburary Minutes-2019

March Minutes-2019

April Minutes-2019

May Minutes-2019

June Minutes-2019

July - No Meeting

August - No Meeting

September Minutes-2019

October Minutes-2019

November Minutes-2019

December Minutes-2019

Meet Your Pastoral Council Members

Rev. Msgr. David F. Kelley, VC
Rev. Msgr. David F. Kelley, VC
Rev. Christopher P. Hanley

Rev. Christopher P. Hanley
Associate Pastor

Tonie Vandenberg

Tonie Vandenberg

John Sanders

John Sanders

Amy Brenner

Amy Brenner

Tom Kane

Tom Kane
Executive Officer

Stephanie Szczerba

Stephanie Szczerba

Ed Holley

Ed Holley

Erin Marchlik

Erin Marchlik

Erin Marchlik

Marty Brett

David Fester
Deacon Dave Feaster

Dave Burns

Gary Dawson, Secretary