St. Joseph Parish

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The Liturgy Committee takes its mission directly from the Constitution on Sacred Liturgy: “To ensure that the faithful take part fully aware of what they are doing, actively engaged in the rite, and enriched by its effects.” The committee assists in the preparation, implementation and ongoing evaluation of the rites of the Church as celebrated in our parish. Our obligation is to maintain the highest standards possible in all areas of worship. The work of the committee is guided by the documents of the Second Vatican Council, post-Councilor documents from Rome and from the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, with special attention given to the writings of the Bishops’ Committee on Liturgy, the Bishops’ Committee on Art and Environment, and the Office of Worship of the Diocese of Wilmington.

  • Gifts Desired: A desire to enhance the overall worship life of our community.
  • Commitment: Attend meetings of the committee (generally the first Monday of each month, with additional meetings as required) and a desire to work in the background.
  • Opportunity: To gain knowledge and understanding of the worship life of the Church and share that knowledge with others; to assist our parish fulfill the goal of the Second Vatican Council of “full, active and conscious participation” in the liturgy.
  • Contact: Ed Fitzgerald 302-378-3622 Email:

To clean the linens used at Mass.

  • Gifts Desired: Dependability and desire to serve the Lord.
  • Commitment: Volunteers pick up the altar linens at the beginning of each week and return them by Friday in order to be ready for the weekend Masses.
  • Opportunity: To grow closer to the Lord through the sharing of time and energy.
  • Contact:
    • St. Joseph: Joanne Russell 302-378-0585
    • St. Rose: Barbara Zasowski 443-553-9824

To prepare and implement decoration of our worship spaces in accord with the documents of the Church (Universal, Territorial, Local).

  • Gifts Desired: Ability to think creatively and work collaboratively or on one’s own (some work can be completed at home).
  • Commitment: Varies throughout the year.
  • Opportunity: To minister to our celebrating community behind the scenes.
  • Contact:
    • St. Joseph: Liz Teixeira 302-373-7865
    • St. Rose: Barbara Zasowski 443-553-9824
    • St. Rose: Betty Luzetsky 410-885-5403

Anyone may carry the Cross or take up the Gifts at Mass. If you are observing a birthday or an anniversary, if the Mass Intention is your request or if you would just like to participate.

Please indicate the date, the Mass time and which Church you would like to server.

Contact: Vidette Benn 302-378-5800 or Email:

Youth, women and men to proclaim the Sunday scriptures in a setting that enables children to accept and understand the Word of God. Those who assist with this ministry are represented on the Liturgy Committee.

  • Gifts Desired: This ministry is open to those who have good proclamation skills and can devote themselves to preparing to proclaim the scriptures as found in the Lectionary for Masses with Children. An ability to assist in “breaking open” the Word to children is also required.
  • Commitment: Six times per year is the norm for which we hope; you may be asked to assist more often should sufficient volunteers not be available. The desire of the parish is that the Liturgy of the Word with Children be celebrated each week.
  • Opportunity: To share one’s faith with our younger parishioners and assist our children in developing a sense of appreciation for God’s word.
  • Contact:
    • St. Joseph: Susan Taylor 302-376-6282
    • St. Rose: Kathy Dolde 410-885-2240

    To clean the sacristy and the sanctuary of our churches. Cleaning is limited to dusting, vacuuming, emptying waste baskets, etc.

    • Gifts Desired: Dependability and cleaning skills.
    • Commitment: Volunteers work in teams on a rotating schedule
    • Opportunity: To grow closer to the Lord through the sharing of time and energy.
    • Contact:
      • St. Joseph: Loretta Williams 302-378-8635
      • St. Rose: Barbara Zasowski 443-553-9824

    To wash and iron the vestments (both priests’ and Altar Servers’ vestments).

    • Gifts Desired: Dependability and cleaning/ironing skills.
    • Commitment: Cleaning and ironing is done seasonally in the spring, summer, fall and winter, or as needed.
    • Opportunity: To ensure that vestments are clean and presentable for liturgy.
    • Contact: Loretta Williams 302-378-8635