St. Joseph Parish

Address: 371 E. Main Street Middletown, DE 19709
Phone: 302-378-5800 / Fax: 302-378-5808

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Our parish religious education programs need volunteers who are willing to grow in their faith with others. Catechists are needed to work with all ages: young children through adults. Training, materials and support are provided.

  • Gifts Desired: A desire to assist the assembly gathered for worship. Altar Servers and their families must appreciate the need for dependability in accordance with the published schedule (or in securing a substitute when needed.)
  • Commitment: Attendance at formation session and ongoing formational sessions (no more than two per year). Serve as assigned.
  • Opportunity: Personal growth through service to others.
  • Contact: Mary Kirk 302-378-5800 Email:

Women and men who are Confirmed and at least 16 years of age to be commissioned by the Diocese of Wilmington to serve a term of four years (which is renewable) to minister the Body and Blood of Christ within the liturgy. Ministers generally rotate through the regular Sunday and Holy Day schedule of liturgies. Opportunities are given to serve at weddings and funerals. Ministers are represented on the Liturgy Committee.

  • Gifts Desired: Willingness to be of service to the parish community gathered for worship.
  • Commitment: Diocesan formation (2 hours) and parish practicum (1 hour). Serve as required for each scheduling period. There are also parish sessions (generally no more than two per year) that serve to foster a deeper appreciation of one’s ministry as well as pass along pertinent information.
  • Opportunity: To develop a deeper unity with our Lord in the Eucharist as well as serving the needs of the parish community gathered at worship.
  • Contact: Cookie Ruane 302-378-2217 Email:

Youth, men and women who proclaim the Word of God at Eucharistic and non-Eucharistic celebrations. Lectors generally rotate through the regular schedule of Sunday and Holy Day liturgies. Opportunities are given to those who are available to assist at reconciliation liturgies, Morning and Evening Prayer, weddings and funerals. Lectors are represented on the Liturgy Committee.

  • Gifts Desired: This ministry is open to those who have good proclamation skills and can devote themselves to time preparing to proclaim the scriptures. Lectors are assisted in this task by the Coordinator of Lectors, members of the Liturgy Committee and peer groups. Additionally, all lectors receive material to help them better understand the scriptures they proclaim.
  • Commitment: Formation session (1-1/2 hr.) and small group practicum (1-1/2-2 hours). Prayerful preparation of readings prior to Sunday liturgy. Lectors are expected to be present for an assigned liturgy or secure a substitute.
  • Opportunity: To serve the community gathered at worship by responding to the call to be “God’s voice box”.
  • Contact: Ed Fitzgerald 302-378-3622 Email:

To aid the orderly flow of liturgy, offering special assistance to members of the assembly as needed. Ushers also receive the monetary offering of the people, select those who will present the gifts (collection, bread, wine) and are generally available to answer questions

  • Gifts Desired: A willingness to fulfill one’s ministry in an unhurried, unnoticed fashion. The ability to deal with the unexpected in a calm and reassuring way is necessary.
  • Commitment: Generally no more than twice per month. Ushers are asked to arrive fifteen minutes prior to the beginning of liturgy and remain until the assembly has departed.
  • Opportunity: To assist the entire worshipping community to pray well.
  • Contact: Phil Czerniak 302-981-0862 Email: